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The Squamish Montessori Elementary School is on a mission! Maxed out at their current site on Loggers Lane in Squamish, they’re looking to the future and building a new larger elementary school and daycare in the community of Skyridge. This elementary school and daycare, which should be operational in the year 2019, will be an important benefit for the Squamish and Skyridge community adding youth and energy and convenience. Diamond Head Development is building this school.

To facilitate this school and day care build, Squamish Montessori would like 100 people to donate $100 to help make it a reality.

Here’s their story:

“We started with passion, we’ll build a new school with your generosity.

Our story began with Lindsay and Michelle. Their adventurous spirit brought them to our small mountain town and their passion for education inspired them to build a Montessori school. Starting with three children in the lower level of the Squamish Community church in 2008, we’ve grown exponentially in the last decade to over 130 students. And we keep growing.

In 2015, an opportunity became available to build our dream school on the Skyridge site. We knew building a school would be hard, but the limitations of our space started to present challenges for our teachers to achieve the Montessori philosophy. We had to make it happen.

Through the amazing commitment of our community, we’ve secured funds for the project, but much more is needed to ensure we can turn bricks and mortar into a school.”

Money raised will help transform learning experiences for many children. The new school will ensure many Squamish children will have a space for creativity and independence. They’ll have a place where they can run outdoors and push their intellectual boundaries.

The Montessori school directors are asking for 100 people to donate $100 each to help them reach their goal of building this facility at our Skyridge development site.

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