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Rendering Townhome Exterior W Finch Jan 10 2023
Capital Home Energy | July 7, 2023

Globally, construction and demolition waste (C&DW) contributes to approximately 35 per cent of the waste produced…in the entire world. This comes from a recent study published in volume 55 of the journal ScienceDirect, which noted that, “The improper handling and disposal of C&DW over the last few decades has increased land prices, resource consumption, and environmental pollution, putting a great deal of burden on the environment and negatively affecting living circumstances for people.”

Diamond Head Development (DHD) is a leading construction and development company based in Squamish, BC. They specialize in creating residential real estate communities and have been building stunning homes with passion and eco-friendly design in Squamish, Great Vancouver, and Whistler over the past two decades.

DHD has committed to incorporating energy efficiency, high quality construction and incorporating renewable energy. Their projects meet important standards such as Built GreenStep Code 5 and CHBA Net Zero. DHD project Skyridge (SkyFall), was the first Net Zero home in Squamish. 

The new Finch Drive development in Squamish, is Diamond Head Development’s latest project. These beautiful townhomes and duplex’s are designed by Stark Architecture. DHD has secured 4 stunning mountainside view properties in central Squamish totaling over 20 acres. The future master planned community will use modern building technologies to achieve some of Squamish’s most energy efficient multi-family homes. 

Finch Drive will serve as an example of leadership, sustainability, and high-performance homes. The Madden duplexes and Alexander Townhomes are zero emission, Net Zero Ready, Step Code 5, powered by geothermal energy and provide the option for full Net Zero living with renewable solar PV.

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