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Geothermal Heating & Cooling System
Geothermal systems make use of the largest natural resource available, the earth’s constant temperature. In addition to being the most sustainable solution of heating and cooling your home, geothermal offers a clean and quiet mechanical system. The ground around us represents a vast reservoir of renewable thermal energy stored from the sun. During the winter, a geothermal system collects low-grade thermal energy by circulating fluid through the ground loop. In the summer, the process is reversed, and the heat pump moves heat from the house and stores it back in the ground for harvesting the following winter. Geothermal systems provide the bridge towards carbon free living. As the most sustainable solution to heating & cooling your home, you can be proud of the quiet, clean home you live in. There is no combustion of fuels within your home, improving indoor air quality, better air flow and humidity control. The geothermal system tied into your new home has the same effect on greenhouse gas emissions as planting an acre of trees or taking two cars off the road.
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