Squamish developer to use geothermal energy in new development

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Squamish Reporter | May 16, 2023

A local developer has announced a new partnership to build the town’s newest community with geothermal energy. Terrasource and Diamond Head Development have partnered to build Finch Drive with geothermal energy for Phase 1 and 2 of the development.

With sustainability at the forefront, Terrasource will supply duplexes and townhomes with a low carbon geothermal system. This system provides heating and cooling by utilizing the earth’s constant soil temperatures.

“Terrasource’s geothermal system utilizes the earth’s constant temperature. Across an underground system of pipes, fluid circulates throughout the field and transfers heat from the earth into homes and vice versa. Geothermal systems use the earth’s largest natural resource available, constant temperature,” the company said in a press release.

In addition to being the most sustainable solution for heating and cooling a home, geothermal systems offer a clean and quiet mechanical system. There is no combustion of fuels in the home, which improves indoor air quality, creates better airflow and humidity control. “The geothermal system has the same effect on greenhouse gas emissions as planting an acre of trees or taking two cars off the road,” the press released noted.

Terrasource is a BC-based geothermal utility provider that provides a fully integrated design/build process that focuses on reducing fossil fuel dependency and takes advantage of one of the most powerful natural resources available.

“Consumers are looking for homes that are designed and built to the highest quality, including the integration of earth-friendly, sustainable solutions. Terrasource helps developers and builders provide this to their communities in an affordable way.” Jimmy Leask, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Terrasource. “Residents can enjoy the natural environment and surroundings of their home, spend time with family and friends without the distraction of noise or unsightly outdoor equipment.”

“We decided early in our planning process that we wanted to use geothermal for heating and cooling of the homes at Finch Drive,” said Jason Wood, President at Diamond Head Development. “We are confident in Terrasource’s knowledge and experience and pleased that the installation of geothermal fits within the project budget and will provide affordable geothermal heating and cooling to residents.”

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