Squamish Montessori School Eyes New Home

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School could grow in new location in Skyridge development

Squamish Montessori School will likely be moving to a new and larger location within the Skyridge development on Dowad Drive.

Jason Wood of Diamond Head Construction announced at council Tuesday night that his company has signed a letter of intent with the school’s officials for it to relocate to a future building in the Skyridge development, which is taking shape on 20 acres north of the Garibaldi Springs Golf Course.

“It feels great,” Wood said after the announcement.

“We worked on it for a long time.”

Wood said his own children were founding students at the Montessori school, and the idea for a new school location has been in the works for about six years.

“We just had to buy a piece of land to make it all happen,” he said with a laugh.

The school is currently on Loggers Lane across from Brennan Park Recreation Centre.

School principal Lindsay Graye and administrator Michelle Graye said the deal had been a long time coming and would lead to more children being able to come to the school.

Next steps include the school’s board of directors meeting with Wood and hashing out details of a firmer legally binding agreement.

“The idea is we want to try and get this school built as soon as possible, because we are just busting,” Lindsay said after the announcement.

He added the school could eventually grow to 175 students from 120.

The zoning bylaw amendment for the development passed third reading after a public hearing Tuesday night. Previous third readings were rescinded for minor changes.

Skyridge will include between 100-120 residences made up of duplexes, townhouses and “sky suites,” according to the proposal, and 15 single-family house lots have already been sold.

PHOTO: Jason Wood talks to council about Squamish Montessori School moving to Skyridge. Photo submitted by Jennifer Thuncher

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