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Squamish development raises bar for sustainable living

Squamish development raises bar for sustainable living


Glacier Media | Nov 15, 2022

Steps away from the beauty and grandeur that typifies life in Sea to Sky Country.

An unparalleled commitment to the Earth.

As a green community, the design responds to the sensitivities of the site’s natural attributes, interconnecting seamlessly with forest and trails.

This is life at Finch Drive.

And pre-registration for the first phase of homes is underway now.

Currently under construction in central Squamish, Finch Drive will be integrated over 20 acres and includes approximately 200 homes, built to the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

A project by Diamond Head Development, these are townhomes, duplexes, condos or apartments built for the future, today: net zero emissions standards, geothermal energy, Step code 5 and triple-paned windows set against a picturesque, hillside backdrop.

“At Finch Drive, we’re building a community that is both important for the people who live there but also integrated into the greater Squamish community,” said Diamond Head Development president and founder Jason Wood.

“We’re building beautiful homes that have advanced technology and modern features. These homes are ahead of their time. People are going to feel great about living at Finch Drive.”

Step code 5 is the final step in the B.C. Energy Step code and means two things: the home is 40 per cent more efficient than the minimum standards found in the building code and it is net-zero ready. A net-zero home provides as much energy as it consumes.

In short, the carbon footprint is minimal and the home provides zero emissions for the energy it uses. Diamond Head Development’s (DHD) commitment to this cause also includes geothermal heating and cooling, solar panel upgrade packages and EV-ready infrastructure.

“I can honestly say that this feels like the right thing to do and obviously that can mean a lot of things,” Wood says. “I have children, the world is changing pretty rapidly right now and we have to make choices.

DHD is doing this because we have the opportunity, we have the capability, the knowledge and we have the desire to build homes in this manner. I don’t think there’s another choice.”

Located about one kilometre east of the Brennan Park Recreation Centre, Finch Drive is eloquently nestled into a mountain backdrop. The homes reflect earth tones — brown, grey and green — and are staggered in such a way so as to integrate seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

“We have a beautiful canvas to work upon,” Wood says. “I want to be a leader in our community to show people that this can be done; that you can build beautiful homes and build them in a way that the community can still afford them. When you look at climate change and the world we live in right now, I think everybody has to ask themselves, why wouldn’t we do this?”

Phase 1 of Finch Drive includes 20 duplex homes, with a targeted move-in date of 2024.

Registration information for those Phase 1 homes can be found online at


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